VSCO: Come Closer

6th February 2019

Our London team have been busy working with VSCO and the team at AKQA to launch two global galleries in Oakland and Tokyo showcasing the work of the global VSCO community.

The Come Closer galleries aimed to bring the VSCO community to life, releasing the beautiful and dynamic photography from the mobiles of members. As an art form these images often remain hidden from view on devices, and the galleries meant they could be shared and celebrated on the big screen.

We worked with the AKQA team to produce the two gallery spaces with multiple screens, providing a visual feast for the two cities to enjoy. Weekly challenges invited members to ‘come closer to the subtleties’ in their worlds and submit their work. This was curated daily from the global community and meant the galleries’ content was constantly refreshed. Alongside events at the galleries themselves, members were notified when their submissions were included which helped drive an uplift in media and social interaction and membership numbers.

The galleries proved such a success for both VSCO and their members -who delighted in having their work showcased – that more galleries are open now in London and New York until the 16th Feb. And there are plans afoot to take them to more cities in 2019.