Corner Gym

Moscow comes out fighting. The new home of boxing.

We were challenged by our partners at A3 Retail in Russia to develop the concept for an all new premiere boxing gym in the heart of Moscow, in what once housed an old bus depot.

This was a completely blank canvas. We needed to create everything from the ground up, developing the full experience for members and staff. From creative concept, naming, style, visual identity and spatial design to equipment, apparel design and ultimately, providing the blueprint for a future global expansion into the world of boxing.

Influenced by the burgeoning new breed of fitness spaces and trends globally, we wanted to embrace the energy of the movement where the possibilities for these types of spaces were being re-imagined. Catering for those who want their training today to be as much an expression of their lifestyle and culture as having the best physical tools to train with. This was about creating a destination for training enthusiasts and professionals alike. A space with great music, ambience and community. A place to train and to socialise, more akin to a nightclub than a spit and sawdust boxing gym.


We needed a concept that evoked a genuine sense of spirit. The gym needed to sell a ‘sex, boxing and rock and roll’ attitude, of celebration and freedom. We needed to capture the feeling of a being part of a cultural and community hub as well as the social phenomenon of the boxing movement.


Our concept centred on the ring. And most importantly the corner as our key metaphor.

The ring is where your prowess plays out but it’s the corner from where you come out fighting, and the corner where you find your sanctuary, your home base to refocus your mind and your efforts.


And so ‘The Corner’ was born.


We developed a visual identity with an illustrative logo keeping the ‘corner’ element explicit. Alongside it we created a dynamic core typographic style, with onomatopoeic elements and bold visual graphic slogans to embrace the movement, attitude and actions associated with boxing. These were instrumental in creating visual impact within the space, but also importantly to help create an attitude, sense of shared vision and community spirit.


These went on to be used for screens, mirrors and floors to motivate, decorate and zone the space. And later to adorn the gym’s range of apparel.

We considered the importance of the whole experience and consumer journey.

On arrival the scene that greets members delivers a sense of the contemporary meeting old world grandeur. A bespoke traditional tiled floor with contemporary typographic style, art installations and mood lighting blend together seamlessly to convey an unique air of exclusivity. This is no ordinary gym.

Housed in an old bus depot we wanted to retain some of the rawness and integrity of the original building. We exposed some of these elements with steel venting, bricks and mesh, and a core palette of materials. These included cement, concrete and black and white tiling and combined them with bold graphics, a vibrant colour palette and high spec lighting to elevate the space and offer the option to zone and reconfigure the space and its mood.  


The gym needed to be more than just a gym, it needed to focus on the whole experience as being both and physical and emotional one. We worked hard to design the right flow and to accommodate all the areas needed within the space.

A welcome and community space allows staff to greet and book in members, with an area to wait for classes, rest and refuel. A chill out area to relax, watch TV, take a call and socialise. As well as the main gym area with ring, bag and functional training equipment, staff areas and high end changing rooms.

The visual language flows throughout the space and unites the different areas. Creating a design language with graphic rallying cries on walls, floors and mirrors to motivate and focus your training.

Changing areas were developed with a premium feel. Incorporating the styling in the space through tiling chevrons that reference The Corner design. The changing areas were key to delivering a different experience with a more boutique, members club feel.

The Corner opened in January this year.



Our work...

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