Deck Chair

8 Skateboards. 5 Artists. 1 Chair.

Whether on behalf of clients or for ourselves, we’re not afraid to experiment when producing creative work. Our appetite for reinvention led us to our latest self-initiated project: building a chair made of skateboard decks that plays with the differing design languages of the two mediums. And looks nice.

After our team noticed the similarity between the curves of skateboard decks and those of designer furniture, they built a prototype that demonstrated the aesthetic potential of this kind of fusion.

To further ground the project in the world of skate culture, we invited 5 of our favourite artists Annu Kilpelainen, Fos, Yué Wu, Ged Wells and Mark Ward to customise their own decks.

We then asked skateboarding friends to break them in – obviously.

These boards were used to assemble v2 of the Deck Chair, their bespoke visuals and skate-fresh patina serving to subvert common conceptions of furniture design.

In total, it took 8 decks, 74 bolts, 8 bushings, 4 bushing washers and 136 washers to create a unique piece of furniture that’s as inspired by counter-culture as it is high-end industrial design. Learn more about its production on our Deck Chair blog – complete with cut-in-half kingpin bolt that forms its logo.