Giving the gift of sport to children.

Working closely with Nike, we created a visual centre to help celebrate International Children's day in China, encouraging parents to give the gift of sport to children. We conceived and developed playful concepts that gave children and their families an amazing sporting experience.

The concept comes from a playful interpretation of the elements of sport. Pitch markings, football pitches and track lanes are dissected and distorted into fun and energetic graphics.

We created large-scale sport-inspired installations and created interactive gamification of core sports principles, speed, balance, power, and reaction, through reinterpretations of basketball, football and tennis.

The event was a huge success receiving huge amounts of press coverage with large scale consumer engagement during and after the event.

The event was attended by Chinese athletes Yao Ming (Basketball), Li Jiayue (Football), Liu Xiang (Hurdler), ensuring it was a day the children will remember forever.