Redesign of UK Headquarters

Creating a vibrant, colourful workspace for a global sportswear company.

With over a decade of experience in creating and delivering Nike campaigns, we were the perfect partners to bring to life the company’s three storey London headquarters. Our concept was to utilise its rich brand and product heritage overtly referencing classic Nike campaigns and iconic sporting moments.

We briefed Chris Martin to illustrate a bespoke Nike London mural, to add a unique visual impact on entrance to Nike’s reception.

A Nike+ Fuel inspired graphics pattern was applied to glass walls creating a lively visually rich workspace.

We commissioned London-based illustrator Rob Flowers to create a ‘Welcome to London’ image. The illustration depicts Nike heritage icons tied together with shoelaces.

Images and sketches of iconic sporting moments featuring Nike’s football athletes add excitement and interest to the space.

A slatted wood wall is stencilled with a classic waffle recipe referencing Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman’s footwear experiments.

The office was divided into distinct, each with it’s own representative colour scheme, imagery and inspirational copy.

The elephant print from the Air Jordan 3 was applied to the beams on the ceiling, coloured red in one direction and grey in the other direction.