Niketown London Football Pavilion

Telling a deeper story of football culture

To coincide with the refurbishment of the football floor at NTL, we were tasked to bring storytelling and bespoke product presentations to create an environment that is aspirational to a young footballer. Bringing local insights to tell a deeper story of the culture and lifestyle of football.

We designed and collaborated with selected artists to take consumers on a journey that took them on and off the pitch.

We designed and produced a number of bespoke displays, acting as discoverable moments within the space, such as the ‘Pitch Rug’ which was made from different patterned rugs to create a football pitch.

Using Nike Silos we produced model 'Boot Heads' in the form of animal skulls, basing each animal on the key attributes of the 4 silos, the cheetah representing a strikers speed and the bear for a defender's strength

We worked with illustrator Ed Fairburn to reveal a deeper story of the streets where Nike footballers Neymar Jr and Wilshire grew up and played football. The illustrations were then wheat pasted up along with further Brand Heritage images.

The depth of storytelling within the space created an environment that resonates with the consumer providing a destination for all their footballing needs.